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-A Bliss Foundation Initiative.
INDIAN OIL CORPORATION Ltd., Barakhamba Lane, New Delhi.

*Are you aware...
That MEN are also victims of Breast Cancer is not just a woman disease
*Are you aware...
Wearing a Black Bra , Tight Clothes are just MYTHS related to Breast Cancer
*Are you aware...
A nipple discharge , orange peal appearance of breast may be symptoms of Breast Cancer 
*Are you aware...
That a PAINLESS LUMP in the breast can be cancerous .

There are symptoms we need to be aware of , be body aware and take an action in time .

Bliss foundation is committed to conquer cancer and spread awareness. 

Through our 'Touch And Feel' workshops we take our next step forward by reaching out to women , girls and spread the word and train them to self -examine themselves and teach others too ! 

Early Detection leads to Early Treatment . 


Thankyou Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and Chtrita ji for helping us connect with an enthusiastic group of ladies as our first batch under the 'Touch & Feel' initiative ! 

We are all geared up ...are you game for it ! 

Let's join hands and fight it together . 

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Touch & Feel Workshop -3,                 
IOC - 20.02.18
Indian Oil Bhavan, 
New Delhi.

Quoting Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath ,"Today’s workshop was amazing.. we started on time and finished at 4... very satisfying mainly due to the participation of these interested and inquisitive ladies at IOC, Yusuf Sarai. They interacted well, listened carefully and took the whole workshop seriously. Chitrita ji again put together a great show ! "

We are committed to spread awareness , come join us your bit !

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