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Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath 

Oncology Surgeon

Max Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi

As a Breast Surgical oncologist, what breaks my heart is when I see educated ladies with all the information at a click of a button, come in with large Stage III and IV cancers. Could they not have come earlier? Why did their education not come in handy? The answer may not be simple but my understanding is that education does lend strength to the mechanism of denial. It is as if they are certain that something like cancer could not happen to them. They wait for those symptoms of weight loss, pain etc which are harbingers of advanced disease, not realizing that it is the tiny painless lump that has just made its presence felt, that will give them the best chance of cure. It is my mandate to knock down this wall of ignorance or a lack of awareness, by making women at large, breast aware and bring down a potential Stage III to Stage I and a Stage IV to a Stage II, thereby improving chances of cure. BLISS Foundation is the instrument which will help power my intent!

Bridal Bouquet
Dr.Padma Gulati

Diagnosis of cancer is just the beginning of the journey for cancer patients with 1st reaction being shock, surprise and terrible fear. Patients often feel lonely and depressed! In such scenario, Emotional support should be accessible to all the patients as psychological well being is important when so much has to be faced .Often the psychological aspect of cancer is not considered a high priority by the health professionals as their focus is on clinical issues.

After having felt the need for such a support system in Jhansi as despite being a cardio – diabetic consultant , had to attend to such patients in family as well as in the friends circle, met Nidhi, my old pal and a cancer survivor, whose grit and determination to fight back this dreadful disease inspired me to join her in her mission of forming the 1st “cancer support group” in Jhansi with a motto of adding life to days, to disseminate compassionate medical & emotional  care, to help the cancer patients and their families live with dignity, hope and comfort. Am sure we would be able to do so with the help of Bliss Foundation.

Bouquet of Flowers

BLISS foundation is managed by fighters. Brave hearts who fought the battle with cancer and won. Now It is their quest to make other women aware of this scourge called cancer. They do this by encouraging women to have regular checkups, supports cancer patients throughout their treatment, specially the needy ones. Their desire is to bring smiles to the lips of every cancer patient and fill their heart with resolve.

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