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T H E   F O U N D E R' S   S T O R Y
Nidhi Agrawal

Nidhi’s cancer was found completely by chance in 2014. Like many others, she had no signs or symptoms. She self-detected herself and was diagnosed with breast cancer – just like that. Then began the painful and agonizing treatment of chemotherapy. The treatments were stressful both physically and emotionally for her and her family. The changes in physical appearances, intense fatigue and constant pain were just some of the things she learnt to cope with on a daily basis. Hair loss, changes in skin texture, decolorization of nails, weight gain were other fallouts she was faced with. Initially there was shock and dreadful emotion, but it soon gave way to action. She did not dwell on the fact that she had cancer – she knew she had to act fast and do all she needed to beat the disease. Within a week of being diagnosed, she had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She battled a lot of pain but remained positive and resilient all along. Her changing condition prompted reflection and she realized that accepting the disease was the only way to deal with it.


At one of the forums for breast cancer patients in Max Hospital where she was undergoing chemotherapy, she realized what her next purpose was. Being a cancer survivor had made her some kind of celebrity and, in her characteristic confident manner, she found in cancer a style statement of her own. Knowing more about the disease had helped her become more confident in herself, her faith and her ability to help others faced with the same trauma. Far from seeing the wreckage of a life, she found the strength to pick up all the threads and start over again.


Through repeated hospital visits, she and her son Aayush realized that women undergoing cancer treatment descend into dark and deep depression. They lack motivation and the thought of looking good simply disappears. She decided to help them. She started to leverage her experience and knowledge of the cosmetic industry to help and motivate breast cancer survivors to look and feel good. And this was the genesis of ‘BLISS’. 


So many gifted people are now in her life to help her through the treatment and recovery.

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