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When words translated into action ...!

March 22, 2018

Today, I got a call from one of my erstwhile patients. I treated her for breast cancer about 10 years ago. She had two young children at that time, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 7. She would come on follow up, regularly. However, five years down the line, her husband got transferred to Guwahati.On her last visit to me, she was tearful. She hugged me and said, ‘Doc, I have one wish. I want my daughter to become a Doctor like you! And at that moment, I choked. No words were spoken and she quietly left my room. I thought I had received the best compliment ever.

Returning to the excited voice over the phone. It was her. She told me how she had misplaced my number and how she had found my number through a friend’s friend, who I had treated. I asked if she was ok and she said she never felt better. I was relieved.She had called me to just tell me that her dream was on its way to being realised.Her daughter was studying medicine and wanted to pursue surgical oncology as her career. I mumbled my congratulations and did not realise that tears were running down my cheeks as I put the phone down. Noble profession, indeed!




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Touch , Feel & Do

Workshop # :21.


Nangia Advisors Co. LLP.  Noida.

October 23, 2018

TFD workshop yet another one with Nangia advisors Co LLP at sector 136 ,Noida on 22nd October 2018. 60 women and men attended the breast and cancer awareness talks by Dr Rashi Agarwal and Dr Swasti. 40 women learned the art of breast self -examination on the dummies....the essence TOUCH FEEL and DO. Practice makes the woman perfect. Mrs Nidhi Agarwal, Founder Bliss Foundation shared her journey with the attendees.

Special thanks to Mr. Amit from Nangia Co, Mrs. Nidhi and Mr. Karan.

 Another step in the direction to prevent and detect cancer early. 


There's no way we will let you win.....the determination is strong....together we shall succeed !

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